Fire and Water tank Insepctions

The VideoRay ROV is a safe and cost effective alternative to diver inspections or draining tanks. It is quickly deployed and recovered, small enough to enter most tanks and can be completed with no interruption to business, saving the client both time and money.

The ROV is a safer option for inspection as it reduces diver contact with hazardous situations or the costly and labour intensive task of having to drain a tank.

Use of an ROV for inspection ensures that your tank remains live and that there is no interruption to your fire water supply. This means that no pumps or panels need to be tagged out and the fire brigade and insurance companies do not need to be notified.

Ecomarine Services provides clients with a detailed written report, including photo and video evidence, of observational findings in relation to Australian Standards AS1851-2012. Ecomarine services will identify any areas of concern that require further action by the client. If further maintance or repairs are required, Ecomarine Services can arrange this work to be completed.

For further information about our ROV, please see the specification details here.

Other Services

Besides Tank Inspections, Ecomarine Services has been involved in a variety of projects that have ranged from looking for midget submarines off Sydney with channel seven to counting fish in an aquaculture setting.

  • Vessel Inspections

  • Port Security

  • Law Enforcement

  • Marine Insurance Investigations