Experts In Tank Inspections

Servicing Australia WideRemotely Operated VehiclesCost EffectiveSafer Option

Experts In Tank Inspections

Servicing Australia WideRemotely Operated VehiclesCost EffectiveSafer Option

We are the experts in Tank Inspections – See why we are the leaders in water and tank inspections

ROV The safer way to Inspect Tanks.

Cost Effective

Using the ROV to do Tank Inspections is a far more cost effective method, being about a quarter of the price of a Dive Team.

Safer Option

The ROV is a much safer option to inspect tanks. Its small size makes it easy to fit in most standard man holes.

No Water Disturbance

Our ROV’s are designed for water, therefore your tanks can remain full and in working order throughout the inspection. Making the ROV a more eco friendly solution.

Fire & Watertank Inspections

The VideoRay ROV is a safe and cost effective alternative to diver inspections or draining tanks. It is quickly deployed and recovered, small enough to enter most tanks and can be completed with no interruption to business, saving the client both time and money.

The ROV is a safer option for inspection as it reduces diver contact with hazardous situations or the costly and labour intensive task of having to drain a tank.

Use of an ROV for inspection ensures that your tank remains live and that there is no interruption to your fire water supply. This means that no pumps or panels need to be tagged out and the fire brigade and insurance companies do not need to be notified.

Who We Are

Founded by Commercial Diver Michael Sparg, Ecomarine Services has quickly earnt a reputation as the leaders in tank inspections by providing clients with safe and cost effective alternatives for underwater inspections through the use of our Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)

Michael has worked in the dive industry for more than 15 years. In this time he has acquired a diverse range of experience from underwater construction through to marine surveys which has lead to EcoMarine services providing a diverse and unique service.

  • 15+ Years Experience

  • Industry Leaders

  • Reputation

  • Safety


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